A little 'bout me


I'm Cristina Carrington.  Wife.  Mom.  Baker.  I met my handsome husband early December and we were married just shy of 7 months later!  Now 20 years & 5 beautiful daughters later I am absolutely amazed and grateful for my life.  

If you would have asked me 20 years ago if the kitchen is where my career would be located, I would have given you a very blank stare.  You see, I've never really liked to cook.  Sure there's a few things I enjoy cooking, but on an everyday basis?  That has never appealed to me at all!  But one day about 16 years ago the craft lover in me thought it might be fun to take a cake decorating class.  By the end of the first level I was hooked.  Still don't care much for babysitting a cake in the oven, but man once it's baked and ready to be decorated I find myself filled with an excitement & joy that I can't describe.  I absolutely love the challenge & intricacies  involved in each design.  But even more I love the relationships that have been created.  So many of my friends I met when they came in for their bridal consultation.  I love being a part of such an amazing & blessed occasion, and then to be a part of the baby shower, then the 1st birthday, the anniversaries, etc.  That's the true joy in my profession.  I am able to be a part of so many families and share their celebrations.

God has blessed me with a gift.  A gift that allows me to bless others.  A gift that allows me to be the wife & mom I imagined being.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above."  James 1:17